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Beautiful Trails, West Coast Rain Forests and Fascinating Ocean Beaches

Deep Cove BC Walks and Trails

The Amazing Baden Powell Trail

Park Trails - Deep Cove, BC, North Vancouver41 Kilometers
10 Hours
Rugged Wilderness
View Points
Waterfront Trails
Challenging Terrain
Shorter Hikes Also
Info: 990-3800

For a rugged, wilderness hike, this 41 km scenic trail stretches from the head of Burrard Inlet in Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. The District section starts at the Grouse Mountain Resort parking lot and winds eastward to Panorama Drive in Deep Cove, a 10 hour hike that at times intersects with BC Parks and GVRD Parks trails. Appropriate dress and up-to-date trail and weather condition information is required for this challenging hike. Various entry points at Lynn Canyon Park, Seymour Provincial Park and Skyline Road to name a few, provide shorter hikes on sections of the trail. Call 990-3800 for information.

Location of the Baden Powell Trail

This trail stretches from the head of Burrard Inlet in Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Various entry points at Lynn Canyon Park, Seymour Provincial Park and Skyline Road to name a few, provide shorter hikes on sections of the trail.
Additional Comments: Waterfront trails, swimming beach, picnic, shelter, washrooms and change rooms, 1 playground, open grassy areas, parking, seating area and plaza / fountain, small boat access.

Panorama Drive Trailhead

The Baden-Powell Centennial Trail has access points. At the trailhead, situated right near the village on Panorama Drive, after a short walk, there is an stunning viewpoint overlooking Indian Arm from a high bluff.

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Cates Park Trails

Deep Cove Cates Park, Deep Cove, BC, Deep Cove Parks
6 Kilometers
Waterfront Trails
Mixed Forest
Native Totems
This beautiful park is over 22 hectares.
Tennis, Boat Launch, Swimming, Beach
Dogs Permitted (please keep humans on a leash)

As the District's largest seaside park, Cates Park offers 6 km of waterfront trails that winds past sandy beaches and through a mixed forest of Douglas-fir and big leaf maple. Viewpoints reveal tranquil Indian Arm to the north and, to the south, busy Burrard Inlet. Trails, beaches, and a display of native totems and a canoe offer year-round recreation with a cultural flavour. Cates Park Trails

Location: Cates Park can be found off the 200 block of Dollarton Highway.
Facilities: District Park Tot Lot, Playground Tennis (4), Practice Court (1), Picnicing, Boating, Boat, Launch, Swimming, Washroom,s Change Rooms, Walking/Hiking, Parking, Seating Area, Concession, Natural Area, Picnic Shelter, Beach, Ornamental Planting, Dogs Permitted on Leash (October 1 - April 15)
Additional Information: Two playgrounds for the kids, concession and washrooms, picnic shelter, waterfront park, open grassy areas, tennis courts, waterfront walking trails and a First Nation canoe on display Note: Dogs are permitted on leash, year round, on the upper trail east and west of the entrance road only.

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Malcolm Lowry Walk

In Cates Park there is a walk called the Malcolm Lowry Walk: named after author, Malcolm Lowry, who squatted in the park from 1940-1954 in a shack with his wife Margerie. He wrote much of the classic novel Under the Volcano. This short trail takes you through a forest path, past a children's play area, then along the waterfront to a nice pebble beach with a view of Indian Arm towards Bedwell Bay.

Maplewood Conservation Seymour West Trails

Park Trails - Deep Cove, BC, North Vancouver

Wildlife & Bird Conservation Walking Trails
This is a natural, wildlife and bird conservation area with excellent public walking trails and guided walks offered by the Wildbird Trust.

Maplewood Conservation - Seymour West

Location: Portions of the land is held by Vancouver Ports Corporation and the CDNV from Tolko Cedar Industries east to Burrard Indian Reserve south of Dollarton Highway
Size:. This conservation area is over 34 hectares.
Facilities: Environment North Vancouver Laboratories, Wildbird Trust office/ nursery, public walking trails, marsh pond system, Dogs are Prohibited
Note: Dogs permitted on leash in the central area trails only.

Seymour River Seymour West

Park Trails - Deep Cove, BC, North Vancouver

Riverside Park
Easy Trails
Dogs Permitted

Here is a peaceful riverside park with some short, easy trails through the forest.

Seymour River Park - Seymour West

Location: Access off Spicer; east of Seymour River, trails in forested greenbelt
Size:. This riverside park is over 5.82 hectares.
Facilities: District Park, Walking/Hiking, Natural Area, River
Note: Dogs Permitted on Leash

Windridge Park Seymour West

Park Trails - Deep Cove, BC, North Vancouver
Forest Trails
Dogs Permitted

This park offers beautiful forest trails criss-crossing and nicely maintained.
Location: 931 Lytton Street, south of Mt. Seymour Parkway
Size:. This riverside park is over 8.72 hectares.
Facilities: Community Park, Walking/Hiking, Natural Area, Forested area, trails
Note: Dogs Permitted on Leash

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