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First Impressions Theatre

First Impressions Theatre began in 1983 with a goal to provide a vehicle for serious actors to study their craft in a live performance setting. It has evolved over the years, however it has never lost sight of its role as a stepping stone for performers.

In 1992 after five years of fund-raising it became a resident theatre company of the new Deep Cove Shaw Theatre. Having a home base, the group has been able to attract a large loyal audience, which in turn has made the group stronger and financially independent. The excellent reputation of First Impressions Theatre is spreading, its high quality productions and large audiences have made it one that experienced actors seek out.

Vancouver boasts a huge acting community due in part to the burgeoning movie industry. The actors involved in this industry hone their skills by participating in live theatre productions, where they receive immediate uninfluenced feed-back from the audience. Valuable to professional experienced actors, live theatre is also the ultimate tool for new actors to achieve experience, build resumes and learn first hand all aspects of mounting a production.



In the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre
4360 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7G 1L2

In the heart of Deep Cove