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Deep Cove BC is full of stars. In the sky, in the water, in the rocks, in the people. Planning a BBQ, picnic, wedding or event in a DCBC park.

     Please check these District of North Vancouver Links!


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  • Just one last thing - If you are planning a BBQ, picnic, tiny, small, medium or large event, wedding, sports day, reunion only the District of North Vancouver can help you with permission, permits etc. If you are wondering about parking or any special permits or need any municipal services. Please contact them. Check the link at the top of this form for more info.
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We are Tofino locals. Tofino, BC

We love Deep Cove BC!

Nature. Road Cycling. Mountain Biking. Kayaking, Running. Baseball. Soccer. Great take-out. Music. Festivals. Friendly Locals. What’s not to Love!

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